2. Greyscalesound Interview by Simon Babbage (part one)

    1.How long have you been interested in music and when did you first start producing music?
    I’ve been interested in making music since i was a young boy i always had a guitar just fiddled around though didnt get into playing it seriously till i was 13.but producing music wise i started when i was 19 im 20 now.
    2.What influenced you to follow this path?
    Well ive listened to alot of electronic music for a very long time and i just wanted to paint my own picture i felt like i could understand how its made even though i was proven wrong along the way (laughing) i still kinda dont know what im doing i just make music.
    3.If you could only use five words how would you describe your music?
    Spaced out cosmic dance floors
    4. What can you tell us about your up coming release “Black Moon”?
    Well other than im well exited for it to drop, its going to be full of different stories and emotions each track was created in a time and setting sort of fashion it holds alot of emotional value to me because the time period it was produced was the hardest period of my life.
    5. How did you go about naming your tracks for the album?
    Honestly i have real crappy names i like stuff to do with nature or with space so i just take these elements and incorporate them because my music is kind of spacey and organic in ways i guess..
    6. Was it hard going about choosing specific tracks for the EP?
    Honestly no, i came up with the songs and took time on all of them honestly any song i produce id put it in an album i would’nt be picky with it cause its all my work in the end.
    7. Do you think that where your from has any influences on how you create your music?
    Honestly no.where im from i only know 1 other artist into somewhat the same thing. but other than that i’m a stay at home person i feel like my city clouds my creation i mean i can make music about the ambiance of it but nothing more its not even a nice looking city i just like how the sun shines down at 5pm on my block (laughing)
    8.How does a music producers creative process differ from other musicians?
    Honestly cause i have made indie rock and [improvised a little with piano<if that counts] i dont see any difference i mean besides being in a band which is a love hate thing for me its not really different in my mind a music producers creative process is a little more personal i mean its just you your program your tools and your image your creating.
    9.Can you give us a run-down on your music making process and has it changed since you first started out?
    (laughing) Yes, my music process has changed a lot i started using an ipad with a couple of apps one in particular [beat maker 2] so powerful but so limited,i used beatmaker in the beggining to make dubstep,electronic indie,dubtechno,and then after a while experimented with the type of stuff i make now.
    10. Do you have a favorite track on the EP. Which is it and why?
    Well ive got 2 but my favorite track would provably be ”Nebula” its such an emotional track that one really came from the soul.
    11. Was there any problems that you had to over come in the creating of certain tracks or in the creating of “Black Moon”?
    Oh yeah alot alot of problems i split up with my wife so i was using her laptop and i had all these bad ass sounds and like i was set ya know i had so much in it! so yeah ditched that computer took her old one which had a broken screen, fixed that i think it had many viruses cause it didn’t have protection so it slowed down so much i ended up using this vintage dell that i cant even run fl correctly with 2 plugins or i get under runs like crazy =/…(laughing)
    12. What influences do you draw from everyday life and put into your music?
    Hmm everyday life..i don’t know i guess i just take in influence from shit i feel like if im having a tough week ill make a track about it in the end of the week.if i feel really good ill drop a bright sounding beat with like crazy melodies nd shit haha.but everyday life thats a tough question everydays either the same soundcloud,tumblr,spamming my music on twitter,and fl studio open with my bass amp lol
    13. What are your personal thoughts on the world of Hip Hop?
    Hmm the world of hiphop idk theres twerking lol i really dont pay attention to the world of hiphop i dont like to think of my music as hiphop i mean dont get me wrong i like all kinds of “hiphop” but the genre itself is a broad term you got artists like lil wayne “hiphop” then you got like lord finesse or eyedea or such artists “hiphop” i dont really care about it.to each his own really…
    14. How does your sound push the definitions of Hip Hop?
    My sound pushes the definition of hiphop so far away that its not hiphop haha.
    15. What are your thoughts on music sampling and different musical collaborations?
    Well me i like to sample alot i mean who doesnt its not like your intentionally gonna make the same track and call it your own i take little bits and create my pieces,you dont go up to a painter and say hey i use that same paint what the hells wrong with you bam lawsuit hahah id be happy to hear my stuff sampled someday ha but yeah its about the essence of the track to me sometimes i just sample my voice and add effects its whatever.
    16. The genres you work under are quite expansive. Do you think its important for music audiences to branch  out with their music interests?
    Yeah i mean thats how new genres or “sub genres” are born its important for people to go out and find new stuff all of the time like say a person who just listens to metal well thats a damn shame thats all you listen to dont get me wrong i like alot of types of metal but like dude listen to everything if you just listen to metal or any other genre and strictly that your provably a narrow minded person.
    17. Do you draw influence from the world music culture?
    Nah i dont like anything to do with any type of culture.i mean i like the uk dubstep,grime and drum and bass scene. but like i dont have culture in my music its just Greyscalesound.
    18. Who do you most want to work with or collaborate with in the world of music?
    Danny brown haha but honestly it would be more of a chance if it was like a upcoming producer such as tecs evergreen or like something similar to that style but dont get me wrong id drop a track for wiz khalifa or danny brown any day haha hell yea 
    19. What are your future plans?
    My future plans hmmm…just be the best producer i can be reach peoples ears get a fat fanbase going on sell some albums get my name shouted by people i don’t know like at the beach or somthing like “heeeeey your greyscale omg sign my boobs”
  3. Greyscalesound #Black Moon EP available on Dec/15 on Itunes, Amazon MP3 and Bandcamp.


  4. Greyscalesound Interview by Simon Babbage (part two)

    1. If you could choose three musicians to work with from the past or present who would they be?
    I’d like to work with my boy lucifear even though thats not even a wish thats ma boy working with hims always interesting its like getting magnets to stick that actually stick lol and another one would be reallyraw that dudes really cool we made that one song on my page yung james franco lol.and another would provably be my boy marc ste soul that dude raps nd shit hes got it!
    2. Who’s your biggest inspiration/hero?
    My grandpa he always told me you can get fucked up and be whatever person you want to be just make sure you get your priorities straight theres a time and place for everything.i love that dude so much hes been there for me even though hes kinda scary looking thats my hero (laughing)
    3. What musical item could you not live without?
    I really don’t know like if i was broke it would be a guitar i love my guitars.but ill be on fl everyday if something happened and i broke my laptop or the installer id cry haha like for reals i need to have my tools they mean alot.
    4. Do you have a specific playlist you listen to to help you be creative or to relax to?
    Oh yeah this is fun. Well i like dub techno 2562 is a must so much emotion i love indie rock like indie pop that helps alot i love deathcore to maybe thats why i make choppy music 
    5. What type of music describes your everyday life?
    Probably deep dub techno like 2562 or some black metal (laughing)
    6. What was the last single you dreamed about?
    Im not sure what that means 
    7. Do you have a favorite film soundtrack?
    No. I watch a lot of documentary’s about drugs or like violence and revolt and stuff like that so maybe like music in that but no there was this vice documentary that had dope Swedish punk though.
    8. First CD ever bought?
    (laughing) Eminem’s early stuff i forgot what it was called but the one where he has his wife in the trunk
    9. What accomplishment are you most proud of?
    People actually give me feedback on my music so i guess im glad people enjoy it oh and my russian fans that share my music i never thought id effect anyone on the other side of the world god i love their feedback (laughing)
    10. If someone asked you to give them a random piece of advice, what would it be?
    Hmm well music wise keep doing what your doing cause its only a matter of time and effort! really wise too like in a gandalf voice or something hahah 
    11. What is your favorite thing about being a producer?
    My favorite thing about being a producer is having the power to create a sound that not only i enjoy but to some people they really enjoy it as well.also just making music to stay away from drugs or anything else.
    12. If you weren’t a producer, what would you be?
    If i wasnt a producer i would provably be making indie music hahah whatever youd call that a musician i guess i cant picture myself not making music.but so this wont be a waste of a question id provably be a chef i like cooking or painting i still paint.
    13. Are there three things that you could not live without?
    My daughter, my music and Japanese food
    14. If you had to choose which one would you rather do, go to the bottom of the ocean or into space?

     Into space man im scared of the ocean (laughing)


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